Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey, Bud!

They're finally here.  Magnolia, forsythia, lilac and redbud.  And so I was inspired to discover how other artists and designers have incorporated spring's baubles into their designs.  Look what I've found!

"Printemps sur fond bleu" by Etsy seller MarcoLaGrenouille
"Mod Buds Olive" fabric by artist paper_pie

"Budding" set of 3 bobby pins by Etsy seller DawnWillBreak
"Blackbird" large pinback button by Etsy seller MarcoLaGrenouille   

"Turquoise Stem Teapot" by Etsy seller dahlhaus   

       "Budding Tree" necklace by Etsy artist laureltreasures


  1. Whew. Here it is, my FIRST blog post. And only one mistake that I've noticed so far:
    To see the Etsy listing for the "Budding Tree" necklace shown above, go to

  2. Thanks for featuring my artwork :)
    Long life to your lovely new blog !

  3. Hello! Happy new blog. Thankyou very much for using my catkins lamp in your very first post!!!x